Herbal Garden is a Kenya Company incorporated in 2006 to produce natural skin, hair and food products containing Aloe barbadensis pure extracts, Pruna and Lemongrass

We currently offer contract manufacturing services on behalf of start-up companies and individuals who want to grow their private brands and avoid high initial costs of manufacturing.

The company began its operations by contracting local farmers to plant the Aloe barbadensis Miller species which is the key ingredient for various products manufactured. In the year 2009, production of Aloe vera extract/juice begun while under incubation at the Kenya Industrial Development and Research Institute (KIRDI).

The company relocated to Kasarani in September 2010 to expand on its production lines. Alobar jelly, Alobar cream, Aloe vera moisturizing body lotion, Aloe vera Pink lotion, Aloe vera Hairfood, Avocado Hairfood, Aloe vera hair gel, Aloe glycerin soap and Pruna tea were developed and launched into the market.

Since the move to Kikuyu in the year 2015, a new and unique range of Aloe barbadensis powder; Lemongrass tea; Alobar Lotion  with Milk and Shea butter; Alobar jelly with Shea Butter; Alobar conditioner; Aloe Vera Shampoo with Tea tree and Avocado oil; and Hand wash with Lemongrass and tea tree have been manufactured to increase our products line. Also, a new department of contract manufacturing has since then been developed.

Recently, the company moved to the current location at Mashiara park – Loresho; off Waiyaki way.




The Company is Management by a well-versed team of management assisted by a board of directors.

Why Aloe barbadensis

Aloe barbadensis is also known as the True Aloe (Aloe vera). Is the main ingredient in most of all our products and the most researched of all the aloes worldwide. It is well known for its medicinal, pharmaceutical and food properties.

It is important to note that not all aloe products are made from the aloe barbadensis plant and that some aloe plants are poisonous. Aloe Vera contains amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes that provide various health benefits to our bodies.

Description of production process

The main aspect of our production process is the extraction of aloe vera gel which is the key ingredient in all but one product. The raw aloe vera leaf is received from the farm early in the morning and processing begins immediately. It is taken through washing, sanitization, filleting, washing, crushing, pulping, pasteurization and preservation, then cooling and storage. For aloe vera natural extract, our main product, the gel is flavoured (and sweetened if necessary) and bottled. Great care is taken to prevent product contamination.

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