We pride ourselves in being the market leader in Aloe. Our products are among the very few high quality natural personal care products sold in Kenya and Eastern Africa regions, manufactured from the world's most-researched and highly-acclaimed varietal of Aloe (Aloe barbadensis). They are formulated to meet the needs of the very fast growing health conscious consumers.


     Herbal Garden Limited manufactures;

      1. Natural Aloe vera juice extracts

      2. Natural Pruna tea

      3. Natural Lemongrass tea

      4.  A range of Skin care products i.e. Alobar Jellies, cream and lotion

      5. A range of Hair care products i.e. Shampoos, Hairfood and hair gel

      6. Clean care products i.e. Handwash with Lemongrass and Tea tree  


Benefits of Aloe vera juice

 • Helps in digestion (Pierce, 1983)

 • Has anti-inflammatory properties (Vogler and Ernst, 1999)

 • Strengthens the immune system (Hart, 1989)

 • Body detoxification (Grindlay,1986)

 • Blood cleansing and improved circulation

 • Alkalization of the body

 • Hydrates the body and maintains a healthy skin (Surjushe et al, 2008)

 • Adds vitamins and minerals to diet

 • Maintaining cholesterol and sugar

 • Weight loss and energy regulation


Natural Pruna Tea

Our Natural Pruna Tea is manufactured from mature, clean Prunus Africana tree bark. The harvested bark is dried under regulated room temperatures and ground into fine powder which is packed into tea sachets.

Skin care

Our skin care products contain extracts of natural Aloe barbadensis gel which deeply conditions, moisturizes, softens and helps maintain the skin’s natural firmness giving it a more youthful look. The ALOBAR JELLY’S have been well recommended for babies and used to deal with skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and black spots.

Hair Care

Our hair care products all contain special blends of Aloe barbadensis gel to help repair and rejuvenate hair. They also prevent hair loss caused by breakage, keeps hair and scalp deeply moisturized and well-conditioned as well as relieving an itchy scalp.


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